Advanced Driver Updater #1 Driver Updater

Update Drivers & Instantly Boost PC Performance!

  • Safely update old & outdated drivers
  • Huge driver database to get latest & compatible drivers
  • Backup & restore old drivers to avoid any issues
  • Faster browsing, better graphics & smoother performance

Compatible OS: Windows 11/10/8.1/8 and 7 (both 32 bit and 64 bit)

What Does Advanced Driver Updater Do?

The Issue

The Issue:

Often the reason behind issues like Blue Screen of Death, screen flickering, slow internet connection, sound issues, or slow PC performance are outdated drivers. Identify and update the outdated drivers fixed in a few clicks with the best driver updater.

The solution:

Advanced Driver Updater is a powerful driver updating tool that helps fix driver-related issues by scanning the PC for outdated drivers. The tool then displays information about the outdated drivers assisting users in updating to the latest compatible, manufacturer-recommended drivers on the PC.

The Solution


Step - 1

Scan PC to Identify Outdated Drivers

Scan PC to Identify Outdated Drivers

Step - 2

View scan results

View scan results

Step - 3

Quickly update Outdated Drivers

Quickly update Outdated Drivers

Huge Driver Database To Scan And Compare Old & New Driver Versions

Advanced Driver Updater compares old and missing drivers with the most recent driver updates and helps download, install, and update the most current, compatible driver on PC.

Compare Driver Version
Gaming Driver Update With Advanced Driver Updater

Enjoy Optimal Game Performance And Improved PC Speed With Updated Drivers

Installing incorrect or outdated drivers might make you encounter system crashes or screen freezing issues. Advanced Driver Updater intelligently detects the outdated drivers responsible for them, thus helping update the latest driver on the PC. Furthermore, the tool efficiently identifies outdated graphics & other drivers, thus allowing users to enjoy interference-free gaming and enhanced PC performance.

Backs-up Old Drivers For Safety & Schedule Scans

Before updating drivers, Advanced Driver Updater creates a backup of old drivers that helps restore drivers if anything goes wrong. Also, it allows setting a schedule to identify old drivers get the latest driver updates.

Backup Driver before update
Fewer System Crashes and Freezing Issues

Fewer System Crashes and Freezing Issues

Outdated, missing, and corrupt drivers are the common reasons for bluescreen, no sound, slow PC performance & other issues. Advanced Driver Updater to overcome these issues helps install the latest WHQL-certified driver updates.

Advanced Driver Updater Enhance system performance and quickly fix device-related issues

Compatible OS: Windows 11/10/8.1/8 and 7 (both 32 bit and 64 bit)

Advanced Driver Updater in Windows 10